Lisa Zawadzki

Lisa Zawadzki has painted landscapes which romanticize the places she explored in New Mexico in her youth.  Then In 2018 Lisa decided to explore  abstract painting in acrylic.  Her somewhat realistic landscape renderings, as well as abstractions, use an intuitive use of color arising from emotional memory.  Throughout her years of painting Lisa has had a love of using recycled paper to make art,  including newsprint bowls and cardboard door decorations.  


John Bumkens

Dense Time Man

I am a recycle artist. Now I work primarily with found sheet metal, which is cut out into various shapes, then painted, burnt or hammered, usually embellished and coated. I am  intuitively inventive as I work with all manner of materials, found and scrounged, to add interest to my pieces of art. It is obvious that I thrive on the diversity of materials I use  while exploring and experimenting the whole time. I believe my artworks of organic shapes are an excellent counterpoint to the overwhelming use of squares and parallelograms which make up most wall art.


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